Other Information Sources

Today, there is a tremendous amount of franchise information available from a variety of sources. The information isn’t always that accurate, so be careful not to draw too many definitive conclusions from the self-appointed experts.

Every organization must generate revenue. Whoever generates the revenue tends to have a heavy say in the messaging. It’s not a coincidence that those that pay, get good reviews. For example, if a franchise brand pays for advertising with an online site, then do not be surprised if they are listed high in their annual franchise awards.

Be careful with any site that wants you to provide them with your contact information--name, email, telephone--you will lose your confidentiality and probably want to pull out all your hair shortly thereafter. The Internet has become one big sales platform, be careful.

Below are some companies that provide some decent franchise information.

International Franchise Association (IFA)
The International Franchise Association, founded in 1960, is a membership organization of franchisors, franchisees, and suppliers. It is the largest independent franchise organization in the world.

Franchise data analysis company, dissecting and analyzing data into understandable pieces of strategic information.

Franchise Research Institute
Established to study and promote high standards of excellence throughout the franchise industry.

Franchise Business Review
Source of independent franchise information, ratings and reviews of franchise opportunities in the marketplace.

Demographic Data

Business Plans

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