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What’s Hot and What’s Not in Franchising Post-Covid

Certain industries are coming out of the pandemic mess with much more upside and a longer runway than others. Learn what’s hot and what’s not.

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Change is the One Thing You Can Count On

Overhauling a business model should be an ongoing part of running any company. But crisis forces owners to reassess their business model in much bigger ways.

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Important But Less Discussed Issues to Investigate Before Investing in a Franchise

Stock Price Versus Franchise Ownership ROI. Some of the largest franchise brands have publicly traded stocks. Do not assume that stock price trends directly relate to franchise ownership ROI.

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Your Goals Are the Guide…Not the Brand

Many of my clients first approach me with a specific franchise in mind. “Rob, what can you tell me about brand X? Brand X is really busy in a city nearby, but there is no location near me.” After 25 years, I find myself providing the same advice…

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How Much Money Can I Make If I Buy A Franchise?

Everyone wants to know when and how much money they will make if they invest in a particular franchise. However, franchisors are prohibited from making earnings claims of any kind that are not disclosed in their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

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Validating Franchise Profitability

Everyone wants to know how much money they can make if they purchase a franchise. The most common place to validate this type of data is with the Item 19 section in the Franchise Disclosure Document and by talking to existing franchisees (franchise owners).

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Insider Tips for Achieving Goals and Resolutions

Ten years ago I learned a great deal about goal setting from a number of successful people and authors. Below is a piece that summarizes the best bits.

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Insider Tips for Buying an Existing Business (Resale)

Buying an existing business is a great way to fast track business ownership without doing all the hard work of a start-up.

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Vanguard Predicts Low Stock Market Returns Over Next 10 Years

The economists at investing giant Vanguard predict that, over the next 10 years, annual U.S. stock market returns will likely average between 3 and 5 percent.

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